Director of Appraisals & Consulting Sports, Popular Culture, Music and Guitar Expert.


The Memorabilia Network is a full-service company that will have two main areas of interest. On one side we are a production company focusing on telling documentary-style stories of our high-end collector clients about items in their collections. As well, we will feature stories with well-known athletes and celebrities who will tell the stories behind iconic memorabilia items from their respective careers. By producing documentary-style stories about our clients we can create a living provenance of them and their collections. This gives the collector a voice that they have previously not had. That is why we say that The Memorabilia Network is truly where “The Collectors Are the Stars.”

Our production department will aim to find unique stories about collectors and their collections. Our in-house production team will consult with clients about producing short documentary-style features that will create a living provenance for their collectibles. This takes provenance out of the two-dimensional realm – an auction catalogue or a certificate of authenticity for example – and makes that provenance come to life via video production. This living provenance will then exist in perpetuity for all to see. In addition, our videos will allow our clients to ad their own value to their collectibles.

Our second area of interest will be acting as a concierge service for clients worldwide, offering a suite of services to our client base. Those services include a wide array of brokerage services including in-house auctions, private sales, and auction house consignment. Our suite of services also includes buyer representation, appraisals, collection portfolio management as well as universal consulting services for any and all of our clients’ needs.